Sumatra Bergandal Farm / 10 oz

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Sumatra Bergandal Farm / 10 oz


Pronounced introduction of lemongrass, evolving into sweet notes of browned sugar and subtle licorice, settling into lingering red currant.   

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COUNTRY: Sumatra, Indonesia
REGION: Gayo Highlands
FARM: Bergandal Farm
VARIETY: Ateng, Bourbon, Tim Tim
ALTITUDE: 1,500 meters
PROCESS: Wet-Hulled

This coffee is full-bodied and sweet (brown-sugar) with a nice creamy mouthfeel.  There is subtle spiciness of black licorice and notes of lemongrass take the place of the typical earthyness found in Sumatra coffees. 

Bergandal Farm is a single estate established by a private Dutch company in 1924. A mix of different varieties, including Tim Tim, Bourbon, and Ateng were introduced to the farm in 1946 and still grow there today. The current owner of the farm, Sakdan, belongs to a family who had worked at the farm for several generations; Sakdan's great-grandfather was given a portion of the land during redistribution after the end of colonialism, and his descendants—Sakdan and his brothers—farm there and on surrounding plots to this day.

It is somewhat unusual to have single-variety, single-farm lots from Sumatra, but Sakdan owns his own Wet-Hulling machine, so he is able to do the processing himself thus allowing our supplier to keep several of Sakdan's variety-specific lots separate.

This coffee was Wet-Hull processed which is a common processing method in Indonesia, particularly in Sumatra where nearly all coffee is processed this way, attributing the "classic Sumatra" earthiness. The coffee is harvested and de-pulped by the farmer then given a brief "pre-dry" (30-50% moisture) before being transported to a market where it is hulled (parchment layer removed) while still in its high-moisture state (i.e. Wet-Hulled). At this point the coffee is spread on drying beds to get it down to the standard 11-13% moisture content in preparation for export.