Burundi Kibingo Station / 10 oz

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Burundi Kibingo Station / 10 oz


Juicy with notes of black licorice, blackberry, black cherry, raspberry leaf tea and honeydew melon.

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COUNTRY: Burundi
REGION: Kayanza Province
PROCESS: Wet Process

Burundi coffees have a many similarities to Rwanda. The neighboring countries share commonalities in both the coffee cup and culture. Bourbon varietals of coffee grow well in both countries and Rwanda has adopted Burundi’s approach to wet processing the beans. The coffee cups tend to be bright and complex, with notes of juicy fruits, citrus and spice. Kibingo Station is a coffee cherry collection site right on the border of Burundi and Rwanda. The farmers who are part of the collective, grow predominantly older Bourbon types that were introduced to the region by Catholic monks in the 1930s.

This particular coffee has rounded juiciness. It first hits the tongue with gentle hints of black licorice and blackberry, which then mellow into black cherry, raspberry leaf tea and honeydew melon.