Sumatra Gayo Lues Cike / 10 oz

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Sumatra Gayo Lues Cike-Art.jpg
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Sumatra Gayo Lues Cike / 10 oz


A traditional Sumatra coffee in all the right ways; bold and rustic with red wine, bergamot, and white pepper.    

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COUNTRY: Sumatra, Indonesia
REGION: Gayo Lues, Aceh
FARM: Pantan Cuaca Producers
VARIETY: Ateng, Bergendal, Djember
ALTITUDE: 1,300-1,500 meters
PROCESS: Giling Basah

Gayo Lues Cike is a great example of a traditional wet-hulled Sumatra coffee, balancing full-bodied earthiness with rustic winey notes and hints of bergamot (think earl grey tea) and white pepper.  It makes for a bold black coffee with plenty of complexity but will also stand up strong to cream, if you dig that. 

This lot is a blend of coffee from small producers in the highland area of Pantan Cuaca where the average altitude ranges from 1300 - 1500 meters and the typical varietals grown are Ateng Bergendal, and Jember. These varietals tend to produce an earthy, low-toned cup. But more than varietal, the process "Giling Basah" has more to do with what is thought of as a "typical" earth-toned Sumatran profile. It starts on the small-holder farms, where they pick the coffee and pulp off the fruit skin in a hand-crank machine. Then most farmers ferment the coffee in small containers to break down the fruity mucilage layer.  Others simply leave the bags of cherry intact overnight and pulp in the morning. The coffee is dried for a few hours on tarps or concrete, sold to the coffee collectors, and then transported to their mill and warehouse facility where it will be processed and stored until time of export. Yes, it's a rough road for coffee, but the best examples of this are some of the most complex coffees available.