Kenya Muranga / 10 oz

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Kenya Muranga / 10 oz


A tropical tango over the tongue; juicy pineapple, tart key lime, starfruit, and juniper.

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REGION: Muranga District
MILL: Riakiberu Factory
ALTITUDE: 1,750 meters
VARIETY: SL-28 & SL-34
PROCESS: Wet Process

If you remember Chinga, our Kenya Peaberry from last year and one of our all-time favorite coffees, you will be disappointed to hear that our supplier chose not to purchase this year's lot of that coffee. You will not, however, be disappointed in the coffee we chose for this year, Kenya Muranga Peaberry.  This plump peaberry is packed full of tropical fruit tones. You'll pick up pineapple, startfruit, and dried papaya on the front followed by winey berry flavors. The finish is lingering with notes of evergreen, reminiscent of juniper (think gin & tonic). We'll let you decide if it's a tropical tango, or a Muranga Merengue across your tongue.

Riakiberu Factory is located in Muranga District in Kenya's Central Province. It sits at roughly 1750 meters above sea level (some farmers at much higher elevations), and is situated near the Ndurumo River from which they are able to channel fresh water to be used for wet processing, which is then re-circulated without being put back into the river. Riakiberu is part of the Kamacharia Farmers Cooperative Society who currently serves over 1500 farmer members. 

Peaberries tend to make up about 5% of harvest, a natural "mutation" of sorts where one of the two flatbeans dies, leaving the other to mature into a small rounded seed.