Limited Batch - P.N.G. / 10 oz

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Limited Batch Art.jpg
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Limited Batch - P.N.G. / 10 oz


Layered complexity in an easy drinking cup; dark honey, rye whiskey, light herbal notes, and a mild tea-like acidity.

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COUNTRY: Papua New Guinea
REGION: Obura-Wenenara District
FARM: Kainantu Sere
VARIETAL: Typica & Arusha
PROCESS: Dry fermented then washed

This is the second coffee in our new "Limited Batch Coffee" series. We will be releasing small runs of unique coffee throughout the year to keep things fun.  

Sere is an easy drinking coffee with plenty of layers to keep it interesting. It is medium bodied but has warming flavor notes of dark honey and rye whiskey. We also get some light herbal notes (like celery leaves - in a good way). Indonesia coffees tend to be lower in acidity and Sere has a nice mild tea-like acidity.