Limited Batch - Fica Rosma / 10 oz

Limited Batch Art.jpg
Limited Batch Art.jpg

Limited Batch - Fica Rosma / 10 oz


Milk chocolate, tart raspberry, marzipan; enough said.

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COUNTRY: Guatemala
REGION: San Pedro Necta, Huehuetenango
FARM: Finca Rosma
PROCESS: Wet process

This is the third coffee in our new "Limited Batch Coffee" series. We will be releasing small runs of unique coffee throughout the year to keep things fun.  

Finca Rosma is a coffee we cannot stop drinking. It is a very smooth easy drinking coffee with lots of creamy milk chocolate that is balanced by a tart raspberry note. It is not super bright and fruity like an African coffee, but there is definitely some juiciness there. There is also a simple sweetness of sugar and almond reminiscent of marzipan.