Ethiopia Sota Cooperative / 10 oz

Ethiopia Sota Coop Art.jpg
Ethiopia Sota Coop Art.jpg
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Ethiopia Sota Cooperative / 10 oz


Not a typical fruity Ethiopia; lavender cream soda up front, tamarind and prune round out the body, jasmine green tea finish.

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COUNTRY: Ethiopia
REGION: Bedele Town, Illubabor
FARM: Sota Cooperative
VARIETAL: Heirloom
PROCESS: Wet Process

Sota Coop sits just a few kilometers outside of Bedele town in Ethiopia's Western-most province of Illubabor. The cooperative was formed in 2000 and operates under its own leadership and member-elected board. Processing is done mechanically to remove the fruit from the beans. The beans are then soaked in fiberglass bins overnight to clean any remaining solids before dried on raised beds. This processing equipment enables producers to sell their clean parchment at levels 3 and 4 times what they sold at in the past.