Sumatra Reye Gayo / 10 oz

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Sumatra Reye Gayo / 10 oz


A tangy intro with a dry farewell; candied grapefruit, roasted barley, raw snow-pea.  

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COUNTRY: Sumatra, Indonesia
REGION: Bandar, Bener Meriah, Aceh
FARM: Various smallholder farmers
ALTITUDE: 1,200-1,600 meters
PROCESS: Wet-Hulled

Reye Gayo is a classic Sumatra coffee with enough upper register complexity to make it a unique single-origin offering.  A tangy introduction will provide candied grapefruit notes on top of sweet roasted barley body with the freshness of a raw snow pea wishing a dry farewell. 

This coffee was Wet-Hull processed which is a common processing method in Indonesia, particularly in Sumatra where nearly all coffee is processed this way, attributing the "classic Sumatra" earthiness. The coffee is harvested and de-pulped by the farmer then given a brief "pre-dry" (30-50% moisture) before being transported to a market where it is hulled (parchment layer removed) while still in its high-moisture state (i.e. Wet-Hulled). At this point the coffee is spread on drying beds to get it down to the standard 11-13% moisture content in preparation for export.